An image of Anel.

Anel Begic

Anel is a great Chauffeur. While he's expertly navigating his way between airports and singing along to Magic radio, he enjoys chatting to passengers from all over the world. Anel doesn't mind where he drives, just as long as the queues are on the other side of the road!

When he's not in Cambridge, Anel loves to visit the Croatian coast and islands on the way to Bosnia a few times each year. His dream holiday would be a Mediterranean cruise.

As well as the usual holidaymakers and commuters, Anel has also chauffeured a parachute for paragliding, which was very much appreciated by the owner! Another to add to our list of unusual passengers!

Eventually Anel plans to drive a classic Jaguar, but for now he's very happy travelling in comfort and style while chauffeuring Airport Lynx passengers!