An image of Arunas.

Arunas Dulinskas

Arunas has worked for Airport Lynx for a number of years and is a valuable member of the team. Arunas is originally from Lithuania but has lived in the UK since 2008 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Arunas’ favourite journey is to London City airport as it is straight down the M11 and is usually stress free! He also loves driving on Sunday mornings when everyone is still in bed and the shops are closed! Arunas chose to work for Airport Lynx as he had heard great things about us and knew we are well known for our fleet of executive cars.

In his spare time Arunas loves being busy – he always has a few things on the go at the same time! He loves doing up cars and spends time following the VW Club where he finds lots of ideas for new projects.