Thank you and don’t forget to turn the lights off…

Of all the posts I’ve written for Airport Lynx, on so many different topics, this is the one which I am least enjoying writing and editing. This is my last blog post and newsletter – after five fabulous years, I’m moving on to new adventures.

I first met Steve Russell when I taught a workshop on how to do your own PR and marketing. It was a small group and I noticed that he took lots of notes so I assumed he’d be someone who would go and put things into action after the workshop. Instead, he came to me at the end of the session and asked if I’d be interested in doing PR for his chauffeur company – Airport Lynx. Being a genuine fan of all things motoring related (my Dad started out as a mechanic and I spent many Saturday mornings at the garage with him), I said yes. That was more than five years ago and since then, I’ve been writing posts, social media, newsletters, awards applications and pitches for new accounts with an ever growing knowledge of operations, tyres and the duty of care businesses have in looking after their staff as they travel.

Steve and Jayne Russell have been wonderful people to work for and with. My never ending stream of ideas have always been well received, even if they’ve not always been practical to implement. I’ve launched campaigns around valentines, spring, easter, summer, back to school and even at Christmas when no one else was doing active marketing. I’m proud of all that work – but the thing that stands out for me professionally, is our most recent win of Gold as Large Chauffeur Company of the year at the QSI Pro Driver awards. I wrote the application on the basis of our being a business which is not afraid to kick tired business cliches to the kerb, of our being a team who always push forwards together and work to a common purpose.

I spent the night of the awards at John Lewis in Cambridge, hosting customers as part of our ongoing activity within the city. I got home at 10.30pm and hadn’t heard from Steve. I was worried. Had we not even managed to get a bronze award that year? I was so sad – I felt we deserved a mention. At 11.25pm a text message arrived. It just had an image – of the gold award. I couldn’t believe it. I zoomed in to make sure Steve wasn’t winding me up. He wasn’t. We’d really done it – we’d won gold in the category of Large Chauffeur Company of the Year. It was an incredible moment. We’d done the undoable. Which reflects on the whole experience with Airport Lynx really, for me.

I don’t see this as being the end of my knowing the Airport Lynx, Myhill’s and Lynx Autocare teams – our family are customers of all three businesses and that will continue. I’ll be booking with Airport Lynx as I travel in my new role and regardless of anything else, I’ll always be ready to help people work out how best to get from A to B safely and in style.

It would be great to keep in touch with you all, so please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thank you for being great people to know and work for – I’ve loved getting to know you all and look forward to keeping in touch with you, seeing you in and around Cambridge and hearing of the growth of your businesses and the adventures you’re having.

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