The A to Z of Airport Lynx – Q – QSi awards from Pro Driver magazine

Within our industry, there is one publisher whose awards we sit up and take notice of – the QSi awards, from Pro Driver magazine. The printed magazine comes out monthly and is supported by email updates and digital content. We always pounce on the magazine when it arrives – we want to know what’s working, what’s not and of the strides other businesses are making in their work. The awards take place annually and are presented at a glitzy dinner near Heathrow, with a many pages of the next edition being given over to reviewing the runners and riders in each category.

Each year, we sit and ruminate as to whether we should enter the awards. The entry needs to be in by the end of September and it’s usually mid September, when we’re starting to get back into our stride after a busy summer of supporting international schools, that we remember the looming deadline!

Regardless of our whether we win or not, it’s good for us to enter the awards because they help us take stock and look at all that we’ve achieved and accumulated over the previous year. Being organised types, we also produce our awards applications in a way that enables us to adapt the content to become part of our pitching for new business accounts. We’ve been entering the awards for a few years now and have won bronze, silver and gold awards a number of times. Whatever we’ve won, it’s always brought delight and pride to the team and also, for our customers – they like to know that they’re backing a winning horse!

The competition is always strong – this year we managed to secure the top spot in the largest category of Large Chauffeur Operator of the year (with our debut entry) where we questioned tired business cliches and demonstrated how our excellence in service, quality and innovation puts us ahead of the pack.

For me personally, I love that we enter the awards – they reflect the pride we take in our work and the way that we pull together as a team, even though we all work in different places, at different times of the day and on different projects. The teamwork and shared values shine through at the smallest of moments – usually in the service of helping others, which is what Airport Lynx is all about.



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