2018 – also known as the year where we said “Well, we weren’t expecting that”…

I always take time in January, to review the year that went before. I take this post, print it and share it with the team, so they can be reminded of all the great things we’ve achieved together this year. It’s easy to miss the bigger aspects of progress when you’re working day to day challenges.

At the start of the year we had lots of fun with our Valentine’s giveaway – I got to meet one of our customers and her lovely children, who posed beautifully with the flowers and chocolates I dropped to her.

Steve and Jayne didn’t give us Valentine’s cards in 2018 – they went one better and gave the Lynx Autocare team entirely new premises over at Waterbeach: they needed space urgently and spent a couple of months developing it to meet our standards before moving there in June.

Myhill’s Mini-Coaches was also treated to a brand new addition to the fleet in June – a22 seater Mercedes Sprinter executive minicoach! It was a surreal moment when we all went and sat in the coach and talked about where we’d like to be driven in it…

We then moved into what will be henceforth known as The Hot Summer of 2018 – we did many runs for iced lollies and ratcheted up the air conditioning to keep us cool whilst we served the many international schools that need us day and night over the summer. The summer ended with a magnificent weekend at Movies on the Meadows in Granchester – the weather continued to be kind and the visitors thought it was great.

We spent September planning for the acquisition of Alpha Executive Cars, which took place on the 1st October. Although it was a relatively small business, it was an undertaking for everyone within the team. It reminded me of the countdown between 1999 and 2000 – we weren’t entirely sure how it would all come together – and then it did, beautifully!!

October ended on a high with the Film Festival, which we’re proud to be an ongoing supporter of and then November seemed to go in flash with our usual partnership with John Lewis & Partners and the awards night, where we won gold at the QSi ProDriver awards.

The highlight of the year has to be winning gold at the QSi ProDriver awards. The award application was a curation of all the ways in which Airport Lynx does not accept tired business clichés as being the status quo. It wasn’t a tyre kicking exercise either – it was a great opportunity to reflect as a team on who we are, what we do and why we’re doing our work. It really meant so much to us all – winning gold on our first time of entering in that category is unheard of. We had Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ on repeat at our Christmas party…

With so much being achieved in 2018, it’s reinforced our belief that we don’t need to have a big grand plan for chauffeuring domination in 2019. Instead, we’re going to focus on the customers we already have, and how we can continue to do an excellent job of serving them as they travel from A to B. In particular, we’ll be looking at what you need to make travelling work for you – we feel that we have more to offer in making life easier and more comfortable whilst you are away from home.

As ever, we are so grateful to you all for your support – thank you for booking with us, for recommending us and our work to other people and for being wonderful people to serve. Your professionalism, sense of humour and positive attitudes make it easy for our drivers and booking team to want to go the extra mile for you all.

Wishing you a warm and dry start to 2019,
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx, Myhill’s and Lynx Autocare teams.

Airport Lynx wins QSi awards as Chauffeur Operator of the year

We’re so pleased to be sharing this update – Airport Lynx has been chosen as the Gold winning large Chauffeur Operator of the year at the ProDriver national awards.

As a result of our growth in recent years, we’ve moved into the category of being a large chauffeur company and as such, were up against the likes of Addison Lee and national businesses. We had no expectations at all of placing in this category – we were just happy to be shortlisted.
Mark Bursa, Chair of the judging panel, explained why it was an even more incredible achievement: “All three of our medallists in this category are past Gold QSi Award winners, which highlights the stellar standard on the shortlist. It took a very good company to beat last year’s winner– and Airport Lynx is undoubtedly a very good company. Airport Lynx first entered the awards in 2014 and won gold in the medium category in 2016. It has since moved up a division and has secured gold without losing its strong focus on customers and drivers.”
“The judges were especially impressed by the personal approach the company takes to driver and customer relationships, and its willingness to get involved with local initiatives, all helping to build a strong and respected brand.”
Steve Russell reflected on the evening: “It is an incredible accolade to be recognised as a strong and respected brand. Our team has a huge respect for the customers we serve. To have that reflected by our peers is a source of pride for myself, Jayne and the entire team. I’m actually rather embarrassed that there’s just me in the photos: this gold award reflects on a herculean team effort – we should all be in the picture.”

We’ll of course be writing more about this over the months to come, but for now, we’re carrying on with our day to day work and in our quieter moments, will be looking for gold tinsel online – we think that all our Christmas decorations should have a gold theme!

Wishing you all a warm day despite the changing weather outside,
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.

Staying connected when travelling

Travelling for work is something which works, when it works. When it begins to impact on a number of seemingly small areas of your life, it can make it much less appealing. A great example of this came up over the last Bank Holiday weekend. The Mum in the family was annoyed. Why? Because she was travelling again for work this week, which isn’t a problem in itself, but it means that she’s going to miss her third book club meeting in a row and will now forfeit her place in the group as it has a waiting list. 

This brought us onto a conversation about online book clubs – and how they can be a great thing for people who travel frequently with work. It turns out she’d looked and struggled to find ones which read a mix of something other than just chick lit (not that there’s any problem with that) but if you want a broader read, you’ve got to dig a bit further. Having been away and done some research online, I thought it may be useful to share some interesting book clubs that aren’t chick lit focused…

If murder mystery is your thing, then this group over on goodreads.com could work – cozy mysteries

If travel and viewing the world from different perspectives is of more interest, then this book group would be good – around the world in 80 books

If you have a broad range of interests, Richard & Judy’s book club has millions of members and you’re likely to read lots of different kinds of books, and mix with lots of different kinds of people.

From there, Our Shared Shelf is a good place to join if you’re interested in books on equality in all walks of life. 

Oprah’s book club was one of the very first to bring people together online for this purpose, so don’t be afraid to look at it and see what you may want to dip in and out of online.

And of course, if you can’t find a book club that works for you, why not start one of your own? A book club for people who travel for work sounds like a great idea! The photos – “places where I’m reading this month’s choice” would be brilliant!

Next time you’re in one of our cars en route to the airport, make sure you use our free, hard wired wifi to download a couple of books to read on your phone whilst you’re away. You’ll have something to do other than work, you’ll pass the time in waiting rooms much quicker and you might find other people with a shared interest! 

Airport Lynx takes customers from A to B safely and in style. You can self book via airportlynx.co.uk, or via the apple or android app. We’re also available by phone throughout the week and weekends by phone and email. Whatever works for you, works for us. 

24 hours in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is known for competing with London to be the financial hub of Europe – and for being a really useful place to connect for flights. So the chances are, that if you travel for work, you’ll end up in Frankfurt at some point. Researching how to spend time in Frankfurt is interesting – there’s no big ‘ten things you must do’ but once you start digging, it does sound like an interesting place.

The one thing to always remember about being in Frankfurt is that you’re in Germany and as such Sunday is a rest day, so shops and supermarkets will be closed. Notwithstanding, Frankfurt is a bustling, interesting place to visit and there is plenty to do morning, afternoon and evening. 

Here are four things you could do during the day in Frankfurt

  1. Visit Senckenberg Naturmuseum or the Stadel Museum
    The Senckenberg is renowned as the German equivalent to our own Natural History Museum and has an offering which changes regularly. The Stadel is an arts based museum which offers art tours that are well reviewed.
  2. View the city from a rooftop cafe
    It might sound a bit strange, but the Galleria Kaufhof is a big department store with its own cafe on the roof – and it provides a great way to view the city from a different perspective. 
  3. Eat at Metzgerei Schreiber
    Metzgerei Schreiber is based with the Kleinmarkthaller. It’s small so you’d think you might miss it but there is always a queue of people who appreciate the cheap but tasty sausages and accompaniments
  4. Walk across Eiserner Steg
    And finally, when visiting a European city, you can always check out the local ‘padlocked’ bridge – the Eiserner Steg is feted as a good local example.

In the evening, don’t assume that you have to go for sausages. There are a multitude of thai and chinese offerings, although when we looked into many of the recommendations, they’d actually closed or evolved into another eaterie – so do have a shortlist of two or three in mind that are near each other, when you do venture out. Trip Advisor seems to be updated frequently, so perhaps download the app when heading out? 

After dinner you can venture to the Sachsenhausen area which houses many bars – apparently the apple wine is an acquired taste – but is good once you’ve gotten used to it. The number of bars means you’ll be able to stay out as late as you’d like to. If drinking isn’t your thing, do look for the Christmas markets at City Hall in the winter. They stay open quite late and are particularly picturesque because they are so beautifully lit at night. 

So, that’s our round up of things to do in Frankfurt. Have you been for work or pleasure? What did you enjoy? What should we avoid at all costs? Let us know in the comments. 

Whenever you are travelling, Airport Lynx is on hand to get you from A to B safely and in style. You can book via our android app or apple app. We’re also here ‘in person’ by email or telephone until 10pm during the week. Whichever works for you, works for us.