Airport Lynx: on the move

The business which is today known as Airport Lynx started from Steve’s kitchen table back in 2006 and then moved, as most growing businesses do, into a shed in their garden. From there we moved to offices in Waterbeach in 2011 and then in 2015, we moved again to Cottenham, where we branched out to add our own in-house garage, adjacent to our offices.

When Steve first viewed the property we are currently in, he thought that we would be here for 7 years. It was a shell unit, ready for tailoring to our needs. Lynx Autocare came into existence shortly afterwards – and led to our taking on another unit because we wanted to service our cars every six weeks ourselves and have absolute confidence that they were on the road in the very best condition possible. From a standing start, Lynx Autocare has flourished – our cars are cared for in a way that only we can and we’re known locally for supporting people and businesses in Cottenham with their cars and vans as they need us.

From there, as well as buying Myhill’s Minibuses back in 2017, we’ve grown ‘ahead of schedule’ within the Airport Lynx business. The growth in these two businesses has brought us to a point where Lynx Autocare will, in a few months time, be bursting at the seams! We want to be able to service and care for our luxury mini coaches just as easily as we do our cars. To do that, we need more space.

We’ve been looking for a number of months and have finally found and signed on the dotted lines for a new property. It is in Waterbeach, adjacent to a busy road into central Cambridge and positions us perfectly for the next stage of our growth. The Unit is nearly four times bigger than our current space and has ample parking. In estate agent terms, it will ‘benefit from modernisation’ and so, whilst this takes place, we’re all staying in Cottenahm.

So, what does this mean for you, our customers?

In some ways, very little. Our service will be the same. Our prices will remain the same – we have always priced your journeys from the centre of Cambridge. Our telephone number will be the same. The differences will be felt in-house. Lynx Autocare will have dedicated ramps for car and minibus servicing, along with an MOT bay. The office team will gain some space and we’ll be able to comfortably house the extra staff who will be joining us this year as we continue to grow.

But the main beneficiary will be Lynx Autocare. It’s not all plain sailing – there’s lots of work to do with the internal refurbishment and preparing the working environment. And despite their campaigning, Kerry and Simon will not be having their own kitchen – they feel that they make proportionally more cups of tea than the office team do, which we of course dispute.

We hope to move the Lynx Autocare team in May and the office team in June. In the meantime, here are some photos of the new units as they are – they don’t show much, but in the future, it will be great to look back on these photos and see where we have come from and what we’ve made of our new home.

Have you ever moved offices? What are your top tips for making the process as smooth as possible? We would be very grateful for any and all thoughts in this area!