An image of Elliot.

Elliot Fletcher

We’re really pleased to introduce Elliot Fletcher, who has been working for Airport Lynx for the past two years. Initially Elliot was driving our eco-friendly Toyota Prius but recently he’s been chauffeuring our customers to the airports in our luxury vehicles.

Elliot has a really interesting and varied CV – he used to be a county level golf player and played in the same tournament as Rory McIlroy. In his spare time he DJs in Cambridge and London and he used to run his own couriering business, where he was once trusted with the task of transporting horse semen for a very important breeding program! Chauffeuring at Airport Lynx means that he gets to meet lots of interesting people and this makes every day different, even if he’s taking people to the same airports each day!

Elliot will one day be trading his Mercedes in for an Aston Martin Vantage, but the stereo will still be playing hard house!

Elliot is fascinated by the range of conversational topics covered by his clients, when they feel like chatting during their journey. He recently learnt that humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.