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Gary Wright

Gary WrightGary has been driving with Airport Lynx for 18 months. Our customers love him because he’s polite and punctual, with a sixth sense about whether a passenger wants to talk, or just relax quietly. He loves to drive through the Cambridgeshire villages along the A603, but also likes to return to London, so enjoys the variety in scenery he gets from chauffeuring Airport Lynx customers. Gary has embraced the new technologies available to our chauffeurs and uses his satnav to avoid the traffic, enabling his passengers to have a stress free journey.

Gary devotes his free time to his family, especially his three grandsons. He enjoys watching football and occasionally plays golf. After his lottery win, you’ll find Gary driving an Aston Martin through Las Vegas.

What else do you need to know about Gary? He once jumped out of a plane to raise over £4500 for Cancer Research, is a qualified referee, once couriered a cat and is very shy. Hopefully we’ve not embarrassed him too much, but we know that Gary’s many and varied qualities make him an excellent chauffeur.

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