An image of Marius.

Marius Damian

This month’s star of meet the driver is Marius Damian. The interview with him, to be able to write this post was so interesting – we talked for quite a while! Originally from Romania, he’s about to turn 29 years old and is worried that age is creeping up on him!! This made us all laugh in the Airport Lynx Office and he couldn’t understand why…. Known to us all here as Damian, he came to us as friend of one of our existing drivers and has been with us for nearly three years.

I asked him all the usual questions about who he is and the conversation was relatively normal until I asked him as to which car he’d choose, if he could have any in the world. He told me he wouldn’t have just one – he’d want several cars as projects to restore and work on! One of them would have to be a VW Camper Van though – he was very clear on that! He then told me that he’s been playing, tinkering and restoring cars all of his life with his Dad – that they used to have car engines on the kitchen table with his Dad and that his Mum used to be relatively ok with it!