An image of Njazi.

Njazi Isufi

Naz has been working with us now for a number of years and is a highly valued member of the Airport Lynx team – he is always upbeat and great company – no wonder then that he is regularly requested by our customers! Naz is originally from Albania and although he has been in the UK for 15 years, he loves to share his experiences and find out more about the places our travellers are journeying to. On the home front, Naz is married and has a gorgeous little boy.

While I was chatting to Naz I asked my usual first question of why he chose to work for Airport Lynx. He said that he chose us because he felt we were a very good company to work with on all levels – everyone he meets is positive, polite and good to be around – he also included our customers in this reply – Naz said it’s good to work and drive people who are themselves polite and good to talk to. Naz has fitted in very well with the rest of the team – he’ll always be there if you see a group of our drivers catching up over a coffee while waiting for flights to arrive at Heathrow.

Naz currently drives a blue Mercedes E220 however his dream car would be a plush 911 Porshe. We’re not clear as to how he’d fit his family in there with him, but he brushed that off when I asked him about that bit! Interestingly, Naz wouldn’t buy a fleet of cars if he won the lottery – he’d have his Porsche, sort out his family and then give most of the money to charity.