An image of Pablo.

Pablo Romero

Pablo has just celebrated his three-year anniversary as an Airport Lynx Chauffeur. He’s loved every minute of his time with us - even those minutes on the M25!

If Pablo has ever driven you, you'll know that he has the most infectious laugh, but he must also be very soothing, as most of his passengers fall asleep!

Naz currently drives a blue Mercedes E220 however his dream car would be a plush 911 Porshe. We’re not clear as to how he’d fit his family in there with him, but he brushed that off when I asked him about that bit! Interestingly, Naz wouldn’t buy a fleet of cars if he won the lottery – he’d have his Porsche, sort out his family and then give most of the money to charity.

One of his passengers who managed to stay awake gave Pablo some really important advice recently...

""Never give up on your dreams""

Pablo's dream is to drive down Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson, but for now he's happy to ride all around the UK with good friends, singing along to Kiss FM, in Spanish of course!